This is different:

          Crypto currency transactions are completely different from the fiat money that we are all used to. Crypto currencies are a new concept for almost 90 per cent of the people in the world as they have not used it and have not come to transacting with it. The most noted crypto currency is the bitcoin and it came about in the year 2009 and has ever since catching up in the lingo of finance but very slowly. But now the whole situation is changing and you can now earn bitcoin as more and more people are coming to know about it and also transacting using the crypto currency. For more details on the subject just click on the link given above.

It is digital:

          The bitcoin is still a big mystery to many people and they have a hard time understanding it. It differs completely from the known and commonly used money as it cannot be touched and it is represented not by any physical cash like a dollar note or a rupee note but as a transaction signal in a computer. When you transact in it you are in fact transacting with the digital code that is stored safely in a computer. It cannot be seen or touched like the fiat money and hence very confusing to many people.


          Unlike fiat money which flows through a bank or banks around the world, the bitcoin is a decentralized currency which can be transacted across the globe by private players that are not controlled by any bank or a central authority. There are many way you can earn bitcoin if you want to trade in it or even buy things using it but it has to wait for some time as many people are not familiar with it.