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Is hacking the Facebook account is possible?

Though Facebook uses high-end security it is completely possible to hack the Facebook account. Social networking is more popular and is used by millions of users. With the increased usage of mobile phones, many have a Facebook account. With the Facebook account, they can follow any of their favourite personalities, they can subscribe to any famous pages and they get notified when any new posts are updated by anyone who is in their friend’s list. There are so many options on Facebook where one can allow to follow them or can block the people. They use high security to protect the data from hackers. But still, some needs to know the activities of the other person and look for the options on how to hack Facebook account.

The people try to hack an account for many reasons, is it not possible to get into any account without the passwords. Many websites on the internet are helping to get the password for the requested profile. They use some common methods like Brute force attack where it is considered as the most reliable methods. It is the process of guessing the victim of password repeatedly. By knowing this method facebook uses the captcha protection method so now it becomes impractical in hacking.

Hack Facebook account

Brute force attack hacking method is considered as the high-speed attack when the combinations are matched by sending the queries continuously then the access is granted and the Facebook account is hacked. Sometimes this method is not safe because the Internet protocols can be traced since they use to change the IP address rapidly. By using this method successfully hacked many accounts but it is time-consuming and so it is not recommended highly. Facebook uses MD5 encryption,for decrypting the data one needs powerful hacker are required.

When one method is not working the hackers will always find the other option how to hack Facebook account. There are so many methods to hack an account and the phishing is one of the techniques which is used most commonly to hack a Facebook account. When all other methods fail the hackers use this method, they create a page identical to the Facebook login page. Without knowing the victim would log in in that page by giving the details, then all credentials are sent to the hacker. Even this is difficult to find the IP of the victim page. Thus, hacking facebook is difficult but it is completely possible.