A handy tool:

          The electric lighter from the brand tesla has become the most spoken about tool in many circles. This amazing tool must be in every body’s tool kit as it serves a very important purpose. While going out be thoughtful enough to carry this cool gadget with you whether you are in the city or even when you are in the country side or having a great time in the wilderness. For more details on the product just click here and avail the latest information.

A must have!

          There are several reasons why this electric lighter should be one of your must have tools at home and outside as it serves many purposes. This light up a fire within seconds and this is much faster than the other lighters currently in the market like the gas based butane lighter, the match stick and the friction lighter used at homes. This is designed very sleek and smart it looks like a box of gum but even trendier than that. Any young person would like to flaunt a gadget to his or her friends.

The functionality:

It is efficient:

          Any product that is efficient also becomes very economical in the longer run of things. In case of the gas lighter it has to be refilled and carrying an inflammable substance with you is always very dangerous. A match stick might get soggy and would not be helpful when you need it the most. Once charged it can stay up to a month before it needs to recharge. It is also windproof as it operates on the principle of the electric arc light or the plasma that is created when two magnetised fields are brought together and when air is blown between the resulting electric field you get the plasma coming up and this is what is fundamentally used to light up a fire.

Easy recharge:

          The electriclighter can be easily recharged as electricity is the energy used for creating the arc. The lighter is given a USB port and it comes with a cable that is attached to any device like alaptop and it can be recharged fast. Once recharged, it can be used for over a month without having to do it again.

Good investment:

          The efficient electric lighter is a good investment and for more details click here.