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Using Instagram Hashtags and Grow Your Targeted Audience

Hashtags (#) has become one important feature to the digital interaction, and allowing people over different social platforms to bring together under a same idea. Despite the cemented popularity in social media landscape, some people still don’t know how to rightly use hashtags and how hashtags benefits the business. In this guide we will help you to better understand intricacies behind benefits to Hashtags Trends or how you will use this as the most effective tool for increasing engagement on the social media.

Hashtags will make your content simple to find

Hashtags are something that makes your content discoverable. Just think about energy and time that goes in the given Instagram post. Right from snagging an ideal perfect snapshot to creating the clever caption, you do not want your hard work to go totally waste.

Hashtags encourage your audience interactions

As per the recent Instagram statistics, the posts including a hashtags score a little more engagement than one that features none. The followers engage with the hashtags, simple and plain. For this reason, many brands will promote their branded hashtags for encouraging the interactions with customers.

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Hashtags will clue you on the industry trends

Suppose you are looking for what is hot in the industry, do not look further than hashtags trending. No matter whether it is the fellow brands or target audience, hashtags will clue you on what audiences are buzzing about.

Use Hashtags with the Brand Campaigns

It is very important to be creative & come up with the hashtags that is memorable and unique for the brands. You need to avoid common phrases & stick with something, which will be associated with the brand and not likely to get used in the reference for something else. The campaign hashtags will be very useful to generate momentum for idea, promoting the new product and upcoming event, and inspiring people.

Narrow Down Few Important Hashtags

There’re two important reasons a specific and smaller-volume of hashtags benefits your brands: firstly, the brands will compete in the smaller pool; secondly, users will be likely to find out what they want if they look for something very specific. For instance, if the user searches for #newchairs, probably they will find many photos from various vendors, but when they search for #comfortablegamingchairs & find your post, then they will likely engage with your business.


Around 91% of brands use 7 or lesser hashtags every post. But, brands cannot ever know number of hashtags work best till they are tested.