digital asset


What is it?

          In order to understand the transactions of the network you have to become familiar with what it is all about and how you can become a member of the network that is making use of the bitcoin. The bitcoin is the cryptocurrency that was invented in the early eighties and has been in use to this day and many people all over the world are joining the network and they have formed a community that deals with the cryptocurrency. For more details on the concept, you can just type in 1bitcoin and get all the related information.

General aspects:

          You can start to play the games that are available on the website so that you can earn some attractive rewards and that is carried out regularly online. You can win free bitcoins, you can also get to become a member of the network. To begin with you have to register on the webpage as a member by giving the required data and you will be eligible for a username and password with which you can login at any time you want to.

The games:

          There are several very interesting games for you to take part in and win awesome rewards up to 200USD in bitoins. There is also the bumper prize of a brand new Lamborghini to be won by the luckiest person. You can also bring in new members to the networks and this would also enable you to bonuses and other attractive rewards. The registered users can login anytime they want and the gaming is open at all times of the year. There are several contests with their own individual amount to be won and for more login to1bitoin and start winning.