Dreaming to Become A Great Pokémon Trainer? Read This!

Pokémon GO! Everyone is crazy about it and more and more countries and regions are becoming open to it. There are people walking deeply into the field just to search for a rare Pokémon while others are entering police stations to catch one. And as everyone begins the journey of exploring and finding pocket monsters anywhere in the world, someone will always have the dream of becoming the best Pokémon trainer.

If you have just begun your journey, you may want to know how to become a great Pokémon trainer or buy pokemon go account at any trainer level.

Pikachu at the beginning of the adventure

There are always three Pokémon to choose from when you start your adventure, but there is also a hiding Pikachu waiting for you. You can simply walk away from the catching distance of those 3 Pokémon, as they will follow you and stay around you again later on. Once you’ve walked away for the fourth time, Pikachu will appear, and you can catch it as your first Pokémon. It is a quick way to get a dream Pikachu.

Go to new places to get new Pokémon

When checking for the Pokémon nearby, the Pokémon at the right bottom is the farthest, and the one in the first line is the nearest. You can both exercise and explore the pocket monster you want at the same time. The best way to become the best Pokémon trainer is to have a variety of Pokémon.

Throw a Curveball to catch Pokémon

Throw a curveball for a better chance of catching the Pokémon. Before throwing the Poké ball, rotate it in under your finger for a few seconds, then throw it in an angle. You will get an extra HP If you hit Pokémon.

Take care of the Hit Points

Your mission is to hit the Pokémon, and every Pokémon in the game starts off with a certain number of HP when caught. When you use your Pokémon in a battle against other players, any damage done to your Pokémon is deducted from the Pokémon’s total number of HP. Hit Points is sort of like a measure of your Pokémon’s health and stamina. Also, some Pokémon have a lot of HP more than others. So, if you want your Pokédex padded out with more HP, then you need to find some specific Pokémon.

Incubate your Pokémon

Eggs come in different distances that you have to walk to hatch them. Meaning, different eggs may need different walking distance. Remember, Pokémon Go only records your walking, and driving doesn’t work for this. Therefore, if you want to incubate your egg, just walk and keep Pokémon Go open.

Dreaming to Become A Great Pokémon Trainer? Read This!

Open the egg at the right time

You evolve Pokémon together if you want to earn extra rewards. You can get a Lucky Egg that will double the hit points you get in less than an hour. You also can raise some levels by using it together with lures, evolutions, and incense.

Remember it’s also a rock-paper-scissors kind of game

Pokémon Go has fire type, grass type, and water type of pocket monsters, so you need to combine different Pokémon to defend your Gym. So before you enter another’s Gym, it is important to build a team with a variety of Pokémon.

Sleeping is not a remedy

You need to know that sleeping is not the way to restore fainted or injured Pokémon. The use of items is the only way to help them go back to fight. Evolution items are an exception.


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