Powder Coating Aluminum: Is it the Best Choice?

When you are deciding on finish for the aluminum extrusions, it is natural to think of various options. Anodizing, painting, or powder coating have got their own benefits. Thus, which one you must select? Why would you like consider one over other?  Today, we are talking of Powder Paint Coating on Aluminum. Let us discuss how this works out, benefits that it offers, as well as main reasons you must consider the powder coating on aluminum extrusions.

How Does Powder Coating Procedure Work?

The powder coating is a process to spray electrostatically charged paint (powder form) on the extrusions. Not like liquid paint, the powder coating does not need any solvent. Thus, it is important that surface of each extrusion is rightly pre-treated.

Pre-treat Aluminum Surface

Pre-treatment process generally involves removing of the dust, grease, or other foreign particles. In that way, technician will make sure the good adhesion and powder coat will not flake.

Powder Paint Coating on Aluminum

Apply Powder to Extrusions

Technician sprays this powder through the electrostatic spray gun. Positive charge makes this powder bond with the electrically-grounded extrusion.

Heat the Aluminum Profiles in Curing Oven

Technician puts extrusions in the big curing oven. These oven bakes extrusions till you have the uniformly-melted coating.

Cool Extrusions

After extrusions get baked, technician removes it so that they will cool off. When it gets cool, you will have the smooth and hardened coating.

Benefits of the Powder Coating on Aluminum Extrusions

  • More environmentally friendly compared to liquid paint.
  • Gives you the wide variety of the beautiful and bright color choice
  • Coating is thick & bonds to aluminum, and does not chip and peel easily.

What Makes the Powder Coating Eco-Friendly?

The primary reasons that powder coating will be the most preferable one over paint is there’re not any solvents and VOCs. This means that there is not any damage to environment when it is sprayed. Not like wet paint, waste from the powder coating is not very hazardous. This process does not produce any waste as over-sprayed powder will be collected & reused.

Type of Color Options Available

Particularly when compared to the anodizing, powder coating can give you the very broad variety of colors. You will not get same “aluminum” look you achieve in anodizing. However, you will get bright and beautiful hues and unique textures. When it is followed up with the sublimation, you may get aluminum, which appears like wood.



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